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    Scott Stenzel

    Scott was born July 28, 1980 in Mankato, Minnesota, a rural farming community in the southern part of Minnesota. He lived there until he was almost eight years old. Scott's interest in racing began during this impressionable time. The back of his parents' property was adjacent to a neighbor's backyard that had a small dirt track oval built into it. He was good friends with his neighbors and found himself visiting them quite often just to be a little bit closer to the racing action.

    When Scott's father, a postal worker, was transferred to Alexandria, Minnesota in 1988, Scott was naturally saddened by the prospect of leaving friends, but he adapted quickly. He made some new friends, two children who were already into racing. Scott had found his calling.

    One of them was Josh Fischer, who lived in back of the Stenzel residence. The Fischers' backyard had a small dirt track oval built into it. Josh would let Scott drive his four-wheelers, go-karts, dirt bikes, and even some cars that they found in the junkyard. They would race just about anything they could on that dirt track. As afternoon turned to darkness, Scott's mother would have to battle through the dust clouds to drag her son back home.

    Constructing his first go-kart with his father was an exciting time for Scott, especially since there was a test track in their neighbors' backyard. Since there was no budget for racing in the Stenzel family, the only place to race was on the Fischers' practice track in the backyard. Scott would spend countless hours making laps and then even more time helping with the tractor to grade out the worn-out racing grooves he would create.

    At age 16 he finally was old enough to enter into the FASCAR racing league. He knew the only way he could make it in racing was to earn it himself, so he worked at assorted jobs. Scott was a part-time shelf stocker at a grocery store, a part-time laborer for his father's marine removal and installation service, and worked night shifts at a food and dairy plant, all of which allowed him to save up enough money to get his foot in the door.

    During his high school years Scott assembled three racecars, one for dirt and two for pavement. He did it with his own money, donated parts, the help of his friends and family, and various sponsors. His first official sponsor was a website design company that paid for his entire third season of Enduro racing. The Enduro car was a car similar to the "stock" car of the early 80s. He would race these cars each weekend for 250 laps. The two tracks he raced at during this time were I-94 Raceway in Sauk Center and Fergus Falls Raceway.

    During the winter months Scott became very involved with snowboarding. Throughout his high school years he tied for second in the 1998 Division Championships. Snowboarding was an outlet for Scott, who needed the adrenaline rush of competition during the racing off-season. He went on to compete in the USASA national competitions, with a sprained ankle, to receive a 37th place national ranking.

    In 1999 he had to stop it all. He had over four years of go-kart experience, one year of dirt track experience, two years of pavement experience, and six years of snowboarding experience. But it was important for Scott to attend college. So before leaving Alexandria, Minnesota to go to school, he sold his racing cars, gear and everything but his driving suit. He also sold all his snowboarding equipment and gear. Graduating high school with honors and a nearly perfect GPA (3.97), Scott's academic world had just started to open up and he needed to take full advantage of this opportunity. Scott attended school at North Dakota State University - Fargo, North Dakota, Valencia Community College - Orlando, Florida, and Full Sail Real World Education - Orlando, Florida.

    During Scott's college years he would turn to sim racing to get his racing fix. He has been a member of several online racing leagues. The sim racing worlds has allowed him to become very comfortable with the many closed circuit tracks within the U.S., learn the entering and exiting parts of these race tracks and to keep up on his talents of driving a stock car.

    After graduation Scott started his own advertising and marketing company. This has been his full-time job since college, and the racing career now comes second to his work. The company that he co-owns is called Digi Craft. This company services Universal Orlando Resort, Disney Adventures Magazine, National Retail Federation and many more national and regional cliental and specialize in print, web and video multimedia services. His company has given him the opportunity to be involved in the major racing events in America, the Daytona 500 and the Indianapolis 500, both of which his company was hired to provide services for. Scott has traveled around the world, negotiating with major companies in Japan, Dubai, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, and the majority of the 48 mainland states.

    Racing has always been a life-long passion for him, as he continues to work toward his goals of making it into the big leagues of motor sports. Scott has a drag racing car that he restored from the bottom up, motor and all, that keeps him in the competitive spotlight at the local speedway. He has attended several racing schools to keep up on his talents and dreams of the day when he can call racing his full-time job.

    Scott is determined to work his way up through the ranks of the professional racing associations with integrity and confidence. He plans to achieve his full potential as a racecar driver. His goals are to win races, build up his name, and become recognized as an appreciated member of the racing associations that he becomes members to.

    He recently became approved and licensed by ARCA RE/MAX Series for the 2008 season and is currently working on a program to bring ROI on his sponsors investments. He hopes to run the fully televised SPEED TV season with ARCA RE/MAX in the pursuit to make a very good name for himself as a technology savvy race car driver. Bob Schacht Motorsports is currently working with Scott to put together his 2008 program.

    Given the proper team, equipment and guidance there will be no stopping Scott Stenzel as he pursues his dream.

    Scott's dream is to get a chance to win the Daytona 500!